One Kings Lane Accent Chairs

I am so excited to collaborate with One Kings Lane again. As you know, my obsession with accent chairs is never ending and One Kings Lane is one of the best resources for this obsession! Check out all their options for accent chairs
Well, this was the perfect opportunity to find the ideal accent chair for a new client. This is a killer house with amazing features, however, as you pass down the main foyer/hallway into the great room there is a smaller defined space. A sort of landing ground from the basement, great room, powder room and foyer. 
See current space below: First set of pictures show the walls that are opposite each other. As you can see, on the left is the doorway into the powder room, and on the right is the doorway to the basement. 

Here are two more shots to give you a better idea.

Now, this space can conjure up questions. What is this space? What is it used for? What do we do with it? 
Well, 6 years ago I attended a beautiful event at a home and this exact "room" existed. The homeowner had designed it to be a perfect "ladies" seating room outside the powder room. You know, like at a swanky hotel where ladies can seat and relax, reapply lipstick, check themselves out in a mirror, while they wait to use the washroom. I knew that if ever given the opportunity I would totally love to design such a space, and, here we are today
With the inspiration of One Kings Lane accent chairs I was able to pull together following interior style design. 

First thing first. This is a room that EVERY PERSON walking through the home must pass by. So why not making it a statement. When you have small spaces like these have fun with it. You can explore with style and color cause the space is small enough to play with. 

I knew I wanted tall wing back chairs to add height to the space. HOWEVER, I did not want them to have the signature upholstered winged sides for two reasons. They tend to be wider and take up more space and it's not always the best "conversational" chair when something is in your way. 

I loved these King Grant Chairs because you get the traditional feel of wing back without all the heaviness, and as a result, you can fit 2 of them comfortably, giving the room a sense of balance. 

 I also knew I wanted to add a round rug since the room already shows straight lines and is such a small space, the round rug adds dimension.  

And you always have to play with color, by adding a shot of gray to the walls I can then play around with pops of color in the accessories. 

Chairs  // Rug // Table // Floor Lamp // Art // Pillow // Paint


Monday Must-Have // The Best in Vintage Ice Buckets

No this is not part of the Ice Bucket Challenge, though that it is a good title. Ice Bucket Challenge for Decorators. Go out there and find the best Vintage Ice Bucket. 
Anyhoo, I have many interior obsessions and one is ice buckets. I know, weird. I can't resist an Estate Sale ice bucket and I cannot say "no" to an ice bucket from the Retro Modern era, 1950-1960's. There is just something alluring about all the entertaining that took place with the glamourous housewives of this area, with their martini glasses and "updo's." 
Now, my home/style isn't Mid-centry Modern, but there is nothing wrong with mixing styles in your accessories. 
I currently own 2 vintage ice buckets but I hope to find a black/gold vintage ice bucket.

Now, I can't put links to purchase any of these cause they are from etsy shops and have sold since starting this post. It's all about the hunt baby!! What, what is that you say?? Oh, challenge accepted. Lets see if I can hunt some of these down. 


Feature Friday // Marbleized Quartz Fabric

This week for a design client I got to do some fabric shopping for an entrance/foyer bench. For the last couple of years we have been bombarded with Chevron. I am so happy to see chevron take a back seat to my new favorite pattern for 2015, marbleized prints.
There is something timeless about these prints and at the same time whimsical. 
Here are some options I am craving for the entry bench. 

Romeo Schumacher Carrera by Martin Lawrence Bullard
Romeo Schumacher Lapis by Martin Lawrence Bullard   
Marbleized Quartz by P/K Lifestyles // $24.95per yard
Agate, Graphite // $36.95per yard


Bar Cart Essentials

If you know anything about me, you know I love bar carts. A classic piece that can be used in numerous ways. It is always fun to change it up for the seasons and Fall is no exception. On my quest to style my Fall bar cart, I knew I needed some more pieces that catered to my non-wine drinkers, you know, the guest that like a little party cocktail instead.
First and foremost, every bar cart must have the right utensils, and why clutter your cart with multiple items, instead, all you need is just one ultimate cocktail bar tool like this one.

I know, amazing right. It has 10 tools in one so you can create the perfect martini or the classic manhattan. Click here to grab one for your bar cart.
You can't forget about shot glasses, I know it's crazy, but I actually didn't own any. I found these and adorably funny ideas for the home or as a hostess gift  here.

Yup, you guessed it, I picked out some beer glassware as well. I have a friend who only drinks beer 
out of a pint or beer glasses. When I saw these beer sommelier glasses I knew I had hit the jackpot. These would be a perfect host gift for him too. Well, frankly, probably any of these would be the 
perfect gift for hostess' this holiday season. Click here to see where I got them.
And finally the pièce de résistance. My new carafe. What blew my mind with this piece was the sun kissed oak wood top. It added a little natural beauty to my bar cart. 
So, I got my new bar cart essentials. Wanna see it in action?

I love the pieces I found, and more so the prices! I was so excited to share these great finds. If you ever need the perfect gift for under $50, or you just want to finish styling your own bar cart, visit Uncommongoods, they have everything you can think of that is just perfect.