Basement Wall Colors :: Bye Bye Playroom

Our basement has been a playroom for almost 10 years. Now that the boys are older, they basically use it to play on their xbox and hang out. I wanted to update the space and begin to find pieces to finish it off. 
Yes, I have a 1.5 year old daughter but, we are going old school with her. Her play room will be, get this....her bedroom. I know, it is a crazy 1980's concept but we are going to give it a go and hope she turns out okay.
Before, the space was all real estate beige with a bright red powder room. 
I've begun the updating process of the basement by purging about 80% of what was there. Now for paint. Love me some paint colors. 
For the main space I went with thunder by Benjamin Moore

And for the bathroom I went with storm by Benjamin Moore

Here is a quick update on the current space. Hope to finish off accessorizing and hanging art before beginning of summer. 
 Now, don't forget, we just finished paint. So now comes the furnishings, accessorizing and more!

Benjamin Moore Thunder
Benjamin Moore Thunder
Benjamin Moore Thunder
Benjamin Moore Storm


Must Have Monday // Estate Sale Finds

This week I was on the hunt for willow plates for a client. I did find some but also got my hands on some great finds. No kidding, these were items I was always looking for and sure did find them at great pricing. If you want to snatch them up, these are similar ones selling online. 

If you don't have the patience for estate sales, you can grab all those items above from Etsy, ebay, and Chairish for $595 (plus various shipping cost).

OR you can be on the hunt at Estate Sales and spend $33 total!!! YUP!, everything above cost me $33 and no shipping. 


Feature Friday // 165 Canal Unit 1504 Chicago

This weeks Feature Friday property has already gone under contract in less than a week. HOLLA!!!!

But thought I share the process of all our vacant stagings. 
An initial onsite visit is not always required. After years in the business, I can now pull a quote with photos and floor plans sent to me by the Realtors. For this unit, I did a quick visit to get a feel of the building and it's style. Trying to carry that look into the unit. 


STAGING DAY: And it isn't always smooth. No joke, 2 mirrors broke this day and a 2 lamps! I needed to throw some sage in this unit as I was scared it got cursed. okay, so I didn't actually do sage, but I did do my little ritual when living. 



Nantucket Style Home and Paint Colors

One of my many dreams is to live in a Nantucket home, or live in Nantucket! Luckily, I can live vicariously through my clients. 
I home staged their beautiful Chicago home earlier this year (BTW it sold in a week with multiple hours, wink wink). Now I am helping them re-style their GOR GE OUS Nantucket style home in Kenilworth. 
From new paint colors to furnishings, we are taking this home from beautiful to perfection and I am savoring each moment. 
Check out these before photos of the property. 
I know, perfect. 
Well, my clients are a young family and wanted to update the wall colors while still respecting the style of the home.
So, painting was the first step. My painter was so excited for this project (insert sarcasm). You know, removing wall paper from EVERY SINGLE ROOM is his favorite, but what made it even more special was that all those thick shiny yellow stripes in the family room had to be plastered and sanded down. After seeing how much work went into removing those painted stripes, I might reconsider, EVER, telling someone to paint stripes again. geez. 
Anyhoo, the painting on the first floor is upon completion. 
My inspiration for colors came from this color palette.
And some of these spaces inspired me. 
The Boston Globe, Photos by Michael J. Lee
The Boston Globe, Photos by Michael J. Lee
The Boston Globe, Photos by Michael J. Lee

At the end, we went with the following colors
Kitchen, Benjamin Moore Gray Owl
Living and Dining Room, Benjamin Moore Stonington Gray
Family Room, Benjamin Moore Nantucket Breeze
Powder Room and Laundry Room, Benjamin Moore Wedgewood Gray

Now, these colors always show darker on my blogger. HATE THAT. So stay tune to see how they really turned out. 
Painting in progress, this is kitchen being painted Gray Owl and the powder room in Wedgewood.

And final pick for dining room in Stonington
AHAHHH!! Can't wait to show the final look. 


Favorite Dark Wood Stain Colors

Love having clients who want to refinish their floors. Love it love it. Flooring makes such an impact on the setting for the home. It's like the canvas to build on and create the perfect space. I love working with clients and their flooring options, because, it is the BIGGEST  and most INFLUENTIAL part in a home and, unfortunately, it is my own personal item on my to-do list. I guess I get to live vicariously through my clients. 
We will be using a professional flooring company that works with Duraseal Floor Stains.

My clients are great, and wanted dark flooring. But as a few days passed I heard, "not too dark." At first, I got to know that their taste was very transitional meets clean lines and woods i.e. Room and Boards. Yet, again, as days passed I got to know them better and heard from the Mrs., that a little less modern meets YHL (young house love) is okay. Basically, we have a Mr. meets Mrs. taste as they discover their new found home. 
Well, no problem. I narrowed it down to three mixes I hope they will like. We will have a sample showing in a few days, who knows, maybe we will have to pick a new mix!! fingers crossed. 

Options are: 
All time favorite, which I have used before, is 50/50 Ebony with Jacobean. Gives a nice, dark, solid stain for a more transitional home.
Another mix I believe will go well for my clients, is 50/50 Dark Walnut with Provincial. This mix is more of a cottage meets modern feel. Getting a little cottage for the Mrs. and a more modern feel for the Mr. 
Now, another favorite for this specific build is Dark Brown and Ebony with a MATTE finish. It is a tad lighter but has that Room & Board, for Him, and that rustic/cottage look for Her, and it doesn't go on TOO dark. 
Houzz (Cardea Building Co.)


Wardrobe Capsule - My New closet

So there was this thing going around the bloggersphere about creating a wardrobe capsule. Basically, clearing out your entire closet, and placing back only, yes only, 37 pieces (per season). For the rules and what to do, check out the creator of this concept Caroline Joy over at unfancy
Anyhoo, give me a challenge and I will accept it! okay, well no one really challenged me, personally, but, in my own mind, I could hear the voice through the computer saying, "I dare you..."
Challenge accepted.  
I didn't think it was going to be that big of challenge, I mean,  I had no clothes. I truly believed I had less than 37 pieces already. I only wear 4 or 5 things!!! You know, the work outfit to meet clients, the stay home with kids outfit, the casual I shouldn't look like a mom all day outfit, and the one going out outfit (since I rarely make evenings out).
So here is my closet before. Nothing fancy, easy peasy challenge.

The first rule is to take every piece out of your closet....
no problem, shouldn't take long, because, I mean, I only have a few pieces.
1 hour later...

OHHH S----!
What is all this. I never wear it. 
"EXACTLY!" said Caroline Joy through my computer. 
IF you decide to do a wardrobe capsule do not skip rule #1, I almost did, thinking I didn't need to take it all out, I could just pull what I don't wear. HAHAHAHA. Not. 
So, I took a step back and felt, well, sick to my stomach. Why in the world do I have all this. I don't need it, and frankly, don't want it. 

So the purging began. What's really funny is, I came upstairs with one, yes ONE garbage bag, to fill with clothes. 

Long story short, I ended up filling 6 garbage bags of clothes.
And 6 hours later it was time to put the kids to bed. My little one came into the room at some point and asked me what I was doing. I explained the situation to him and at the same time I started showing him outfits I had that I haven't worn in years. For instance, I had my high school graduation dress, and yes I tried it. It still fit!! (okay, well, I couldn't close it or put it over my thighs).  I had my first black cocktail dress my mom bought me out of college, and, my first and only red cocktail dress. Plus, you know,  my turnabout dress from high school cause you never know, and oh yeah, my first business suit I wore for my job interviews after college. 
So, yeah, I tried on every single piece for my kid and told him the story behind it. 
At one point he literally left the room, came back a minute later with with pajamas on, a blanket, and said, "continue mommy, I just wanted to get comfy to hear the rest."

At some point it was just me and my clothes again, and I wasn't going to bed until I finished. It's sad, but it's true, it took over 8 hours to create my 37 pieces, but I did it and I am SOOOO HAPPYYYYYYY I did. 

I will show the after in a followup post and why everyone should do it coming soon!