Firepit Cover // D.I.Y it

So we needed a fire pit cover. For this I got the kids involved. It was actually a fun and easy D.I.Y project. 
I wanted a cover that was strong and sturdy enough to also be used as a "coffee table" of sorts when not in use for making s'mores, so off to Lowes we went. 

I am a Home Depot fan but that might be changing. My local Home Depot does not carry treated wood for the outdoors. I went to Lowes and they had a huge selection of wood to choose from. Here is what we did and the materials we needed. 

Purchase // 1 sheet of treated plywood & 10 planks of treated "fence" wood

1. Make sure you measure your fire pit from end to end. Example, ours is 56inches round, this way you know how much wood to buy
2. Lay down the sheet of plywood first and with an electric Jig Saw cut around the shape of the fire pit
3. Then have your children lay down the wood planks over the cut plywood.
4. Again, cut around the fire pit to shape the planks over the plywood. (parents do this, not kids).
5. Grab a hammer and some nails and begin pounding. You want to make sure the plywood and planks are firmly attached with enough nails.
6. Stain or paint 

Now, I wanted to stain the top a light gray wood stain from Benjamin Moore. But since the kids were involved the fought me on painting it two colors WITH A STRIPE. They wanted black and red or blue and red. At least I was able to convince them to two colors that matched my patio cushions :( Otherwise, I highly suggest using a wood deck stain and my preference wood (get it) wood have been gray. 


Dining Room Chandelier Update

So, it's been like a decade since I got my new dining room chandelier. Well, not necessarily that long but it sure feels like it. The spring Real Estate market kept me busy, and then, trying to conquer the summer projects. Now, that we have our official first Fall feeling day here in Chi-town, I thought I warm up by remembering how jittery I was when I got to install my new Orb chandelier.

YUP!!! I installed it. Well, okay, I removed the old chandelier all by myself and began the wiring process to hang the new one. When I realized the wiring is a little complicated in a 1920's home. So, I called my adorable Handyman Logan and he rushed over to the rescue. Then, I called my mom to help watch the baby so I can be a good Handyman assistant. 

Well, 5 months later, it is still hanging!!!

Large Orb Chandelier in Gold // Ballard Designs // $399


Outdoor Patio & Fire Pit // Parte Tres

This past summer we decided (ok, I did) to have our play set removed and install some sort of outdoor living space. For that process click here
Well, it has been a enjoyable summer outdoors. I wrote a blog about how we have been enjoying our new outdoor living space, but I got a couple emails asking for pictures of the actual space, sans people I guess. So hopefully these will suffice! Happy S'mores!


A Holland Michigan Wedding

This past weekend I escorted my mom to a family friends wedding. She needed a date and it was a great reason to spend some bonding time her. Plus I would get to see wonderful family friends who I have not seen in one too many years.

Well, weddings, we have all been to at least one. I remember back in my 20's it was what you did all summer. Attend friends weddings, and boy, were they fun. You looked forward to hanging out with friends, drinking, eating and dancing.

Now, 12 years into my own marriage, it is not too often we get a wedding invite. Mainly, cause we are getting Thomas the Train Birthday invites instead. Little did I know that it was going to be a wedding that would make Holland, Michigan forever special in my heart. 

This past Saturday, I realized that every married couple should attend a wedding at least every 2-3 years. In my 20's, I attended weddings and had a blast. But, now, after many years of marriage and 3 kids later, I lived this wedding differently. 

There is nothing like being in a chapel of white, witnessing the innocence of love between a man and women. The tears of admiration as they read their vows to each other. The smiles of pride as they held each other hands. The tender stares coming from those in the pews as they watched something so magical, yet so common. The intertwining of two lives that will forever be changed. The traditions of two families that are coming together, knowing with certainty that their teachings made this couple just perfect for each other.

Family, friends, love, traditions, marriage. Something we all have the right to experience. 

As you can imagine, I began streaming tears the second I witnessed the mother of the groom come down the aisle. Her eyes full of emotion, I, knowing she must have done something right. Isn't that something all us moms hope for. I couldn't keep the tears away as I watched the grooms sister look up at her younger brother with such honor. The tears came when I heard the grooms younger brother share his excitement for his own brothers excitement (wedding speech inside joke here). 

Oh gosh, and don't get me started on the gorgeous bride. Her vows basically had me wiping my eyes uncontrollably. Reminding all the wives in her presence that we love, believe, and dream the hopes of our husbands. I thought I couldn't LEARN anything more from this ceremony UNTIL came the speeches. Re-learning the meaning of family and tradition from the powerhouse that is the brides mother and grandmother. Oh gosh how we all wished we could get a number!!! (insert another inside wedding joke here)

Steph and Jamey, THANK YOU,  for reminded us all that life should be full of "weddings!" 


Outdoor Patio Serving Cart

Earlier this summer I was blessed to work with an amazing staging client. Talk about the best client. She took her homework seriously and was on board with all necessary changes and updates. I also fell in love with her style. She, like me, has a great love for antique/vintage pieces. I easily could have taken her whole house with me when the home sold (in record time I might add).

However, I heard her say she was going to have a garage sale to sell some patio pieces and I quickly voiced my opinion..."wait wait wait, I am obsessed with bar carts. I would love to buy it." And guess what, she was so kind she threw in some outdoor Antique Victorian Chairs. Which of course I will be blogging about that soon.

Anyhoo, here is the before shot of the bar cart. Isn't it just perfect. It needed a fresh coat of paint. I used an anti-rust primer first and then a fresh coat paint. I then added a touch of chartreuse to the floral detail to match my outdoor patio cushions. Check it out.