Thanksgiving Tablescape

Thanksgiving 2014 is the year of family and friends. I am hosting 14 adults and a slew of children. So I created an adults only table this year. We were actually suppose to spend Thanksgiving in Florida with our kids, but 2 weeks ago we found out that my husband could not travel due to work. So, Chitown Thanksgiving it is. 
I quickly searched my house for items I could use for my Thanksgiving tablescape. I wanted to use as much as I already owned and not have to spend at the store. Won't lie, it helps I have a storage area for Staging accessories. 
I also didn't want to go with the typical orange and Autumn red colors. I wanted a more neutral palette. Nothing like whites, golds, creams and a little burlap to call it Thanksgiving. 


Monday Must-Have // Holiday Throw Pillows

One  of the easiest ways to update any space for the holidays is to add a couple of pillows. You can throw them on a couch or even on your bed. Easy peasy. 
Who says your holiday pillows have to have a fuzzy face Santa on them or reindeers that light up. 
Here are some of my latest loves for Holiday Pillows. I know, festive, simple, modern and BAM - Happy Holidays 


House Tour: Living Room

My re-furbished x-bench, I have had this for 5 years and I finally love it. Post on its evolution coming soon. 

So it's about time I began my House Tour. Well, my own home style is Vintage, Cottagy, Classic. If you know me, you know I am not a catalog type of girl. I don't want someone to see my space and think, I can find that entire living room in a Ballard catalog.  I think it is great to accentuate a space with catalogue pieces but you need to make it your own. 
I am huge in classic pieces. Those pieces that will stand the test of time. And then have fun with pops of modern and colors. 
Almost every piece in my home were hunted down, refurbished/refinished by me, or I lucked out at an Estate sale.
(I'll do individual posts for specific items but here is the overall space). 
This is my ultimate wow coffee table. A generous Staging client passed it down to me when her parents home sold. She saw how much a drooled over it when I was in her parents home. I hope she can see that I have cherished it in it's new home. 

Isn't it just a killer coffee table. Check out my coffee table posts here. (coming asap).
Styling my coffee table with memorable vintage pieces from my childhood home and other flea market finds. And nothing like the perfect backdrop-the fireplace. Original plaster carving. I probably wouldn't move out of my house because of this mantel.

We added these built-in shelves a few years ago, I had just too many books and "finds" that I needed a place to display them.  From my estate sale candlesticks, that I paid $1 each for and come to find out they are on ebay.uk for over $900, to my collection of estate sale books and a little pop of something new with my garden stool.

I think every piece on my mantel was a flea market or antique store find. I love them all, imagining the stories they could tell. 

Mixing vintage (like the brass floor lamp) with pops of transitional fabric patterns. All pillows and upholstery I diy'ed it somehow. 

Our living room family gallery wall. 

And a little taste of the space. 


Accent Fabric For Living Room

So, I think I will have finally completed my living room after, oh, 3 years!! Typical "shoe cobblers kid" story, right.?You know, everyone else is getting their rooms done and my own home gets put to the bottom of the list. Kind of. 
Well, can't wait to share the pics, but in the meantime, here is the fabric color scheme I decided on. 

I know, I know, seems like a lot. No worries, it is used in subtle ways throughout the space.
This is a total representation of my style: A little modern navy zebra mixed with vintage green velvet, with a pop of traditional floral and transitional geometrics. phew!

A few pieces are still being put together, a.k.a. I am finishing up some piping and repiping cause I messed up the first time, but can't wait to start showing some sneak peaks this week. 

FYI: the floral print is on sale for 60% off so grab some asap!


The Brand Market: Anna Liesemeyer & Mandy Kellog Rye

Well, the title of the post says it all. Right? A branding workshop with the A MAZE ING Anna Liesemeyer of In Honor of Design and one of my blogger idols Mandy Kellog Rye of Waiting for Martha
I follow these geniuses on Instagram and saw Anna's post about an upcoming workshop in Chitown. After I read the description and saw who would be there I knew I had to attend and man I am glad I did. Now, I am not going to give away any secrets, cause you have to go to the workshop and check it out, but here are a couple shots of such a great day. 

Four of our great speakers, Mandy Kellog Rye, Matthew Hoffman, Anna Liesemeyer, and Jess Keys

The setting was perfectionally (is that a word) staged, with a mix of modern, vintage and femininity.

Yup, that's me taking a crazy load of notes. About 25 plus pages of notes!

Matthew Hoffman is not only a Chicago based artist and designer but the quiet genius behind You Are Beautiful He not only shared his personal story but ideas to help us all grow our brands organically. I basically turned his entire speech into a book of quotes so "Let's Henry Ford it."

AHHH, MANDY!! If I ever had a girl crush. Just sayin'. Well, I think my face says it all in the background. 
Listening to Mandy share her story, share her tips, share her ideas was priceless. She was crazy enthusiastic, funny, spirited, and wise. I learned so much about my own business and blog because of Mandy. It is women like her, that are here to help other women, that make the blogging/design world a better place. 

YUP! Here I am jotting down notes while learning from someone I have followed for years on Waiting for Martha.

So The Brand Market. A day that rejuvenated my love for business, brand, and blog. A community of entrepreneurs willing to share their tips and what they have learned through the years. A workshop you must attend when they come to you!

Floral & Event Design By // A Splendid Occassion
Furniture Rental By // Shadow Box Dreams 
Accessory Rental By // Rent Vintage Chicago


Feature Friday // Dining Room Bar Cart

This week I worked on a clients dining space. They had already outfitted the dining room but felt something was missing. They purchased a complete dining room set with table, chairs, buffet, lighting, and art. Practically done. But if you see the before picture below, if feels like something might be missing. Simple little changes can take your dining space from "oh" to "OOHHHH!!!"

She has a Contemporary Asian aesthetic with her accessories and dark wood furniture. However, this is just in the dining room. She created a more transitional style for the rest of the home. So I knew I wanted to add some more modern pieces to tie in the dining room with the other living spaces. 


Powder Room Update // Painted Ceilings

So I was bored. I have updated the first floor powder room, uummm, lets see, maybe 5 times. But I am finally happy with the paint color and finishing touches. If you don't remember, check out that blog update here

I love the color, it is Benjamin Moore's Kendall Charcoal. A little dramatic gray. But, when it was painted I didn't do the ceiling. Maybe I was scared too. Well, yesterday I was all caught up on client work and I couldn't do other projects, cause I am waiting for fabrics to arrive or things to dry. So, yeah, I grabbed the paint brush and painted the ceiling AND I LOVE IT!

BUT, I realized that the existing light fixture was completely lost in the new paint color. You can see in the pic below that I started to paint it my favorite metallic gold. The original finish was just too close to Kendall Charcoal that it would be a loss. 

F.Y.I. I love this brand of metallic paints, I own it a numerous colors. 

I didn't feel bad painting it as I have been on the hunt for a new powder room light fixture, so why not paint it while I hunt. 
I love how it just adds a little more drama to the space. 

Paint Benjamin Moore Kendall Charcoal //  New Light Fixture not applicable :)