Pittsburgh Paints & Stains Giveaway

So I got this new bath project coming up and was asked by Pittsburgh Paints & Stains to give their product a try. Truly excited to tackle this project with a new paint product in hand. I have been happily surprised from the get-go. Their fan deck is AWESOME!! 
Ok, the fan deck is not just a massive deck full of color chips but something truly special for that at home diy-er.

Two great things I love about The Pittsburgh Paints & Stains fan deck.

ONE: It has a whole section in the back with tips. They are not just what decorators do already but what professional painters do as well.

TWO: I always have clients that say, "I love this color," as they point to a color chip in a fan deck, and then they follow with, "but I need you because I don't know what color will go with it, or how to coordinate it with other accent colors." WELL, the Pittsburgh Paints & Stains fan deck answers that exact question.

Lets say you like the color Pistachio Cream but aren't sure if it will go with the existing colors in the room or what other colors you can bring into the room. NO PROBLEM, cause the next card in the fan deck shows you exactly how it will all come together!

Need I say more! So come and join this raffle as I am giving away 10 FAN DECKS!!! That's right, not just one winner, 10 winners!!! You got one week so come on and join the fun. 

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Must Have Monday // Brass Cocktail Tables

I love brass and I love coffee tables. So of course I have a major obsession with brass coffee tables. More so if they are vintage, but I wouldn't flinch at a catalogue one either, maybe. I was fortunate enough to "inherit" a clients coffee table. My clients, parents of a friend, were so kind and I just couldn't charge them. When the house sold, within a couple days,  they informed me that they were going to clear out the house and preferred I have the table then a stranger. YEEAHHH!!! So kind. The post of my dream coffee table is coming this week. In the mean time, here are some great coffee tables that do the trick if you can't score one at an estate sale any time soon. 


Must Have Monday // Chinese Blue White Porcelain Ginger Jars

We have all seen them and without a doubt wondered about them. The timeless popularity of the Chinese Blue and White Porcelain Ginger Jars.

I have but collected only 1 at this point, but for a legit reason. Like a majority of items in my home, I don't want to buy are replica off a popular catalogue. Certain items are catalogue/store worthy but I don't want a Chinese Porcelain Ginger Jar with a sticker at the bottom that says "made in china." I want the real deal. I hope to have a decent collection at some point. Certain items are just well worth the wait. So where do you buy this weeks Must Have Monday...


Feature Friday // Brass Kitchens

I have this great new client who has a fab kitchen/great room combo. The kitchen was installed, a couple furniture pieces placed, but it lacked a sense of completion. So, now I am in there and we are picking out the finishing touches to make this house a home. I love how the client is willing to take risks and I wanted to do that with some bold brass pendants and fun accent fabrics. 
Here are the original three design ideas.
ALSO, note marsala was/is a factor in this kitchen because she has the most amazing brass/marsala Chefs Range. Tell me Pantones Color of the Years still bothers you. (her range is below)


Antique Telephone Bench Makeover

I have always had my eyes on an Antique Telephone Bench, also known as, a Gossip Bench. They are not manufactured anymore because simply no one uses land lines. Well, more specifically, these telephone benches were created between 1920-1950 as a place to sit while chit-chatting away. As cords got longer and eventrually cordless, these antique benches started to disappear. Showing up only at Estate or Garage Sales. 
I have come across a few in my recent years that were beyond repair and TOO expensive. Finally, last October was the annual church rummage sale and what was the first thing I see, a Telephone bench in pretty good condition. 
It needed a new seat, some upholstery, and just a little wood glue in some spots. More importantly, it was only $15! 

Before: nothing fancy and a fresh start to it's new home 

I needed to glue a few loose pieces but nothing major

After some sanding and a good paint job it became a little less dreary and more "us." 
But here was the fun part! FABRIC!!
Fabric is something that can make a space, a piece, have new life. I wanted something with color but I wanted it to have a "vintage" feel. 
I knew I had found the right piece when I saw this Jacquered Velvet Green Fabric

Now, the color isn't that green apple but it was the best sample I could fine. 
Anyhoo, here is my new bench, compeltely madeover for our basement play space. 


Must Have Monday // Pantones Marsala Color Rugs

Well, it shouldn't surprise anyone but I love all things vintage and I love rugs. Put the two together and I love vintage rugs. I was fortunate to grow up in a home with parents who appreciate the art of a fine Persian rug. I grew up appreciating them and knowing how special they were. Now, in my own home, I only have one small 5x3. But I dream of bringing them into my living room and kitchen! 

It also won't surprise anyone that I was happy to see that Pantones 2015's color of the year is Marsala. Many people were upset with the color, but the first thing I thought of when I saw the news was VINTAGE RUGS!!! 

Pantones 2015 Color of the Year, Marsala, is one of the many beautiful colors we see in Vintage Persian Rugs. Not all rugs are created equal and some rugs over do it. But more often than not I can find that perfect rug with just the right amount of Marsala, royal blues, grays....ahhhh, GORGEOUS!!! 

SO! This week's Must Have Monday is Vintage Persian Rugs. Put them in your foyer, in your bedroom, and in your kitchen!! A timeless piece that will always be a staple for any style home, unlike Chevron rugs, wink wink

Here are some inspirational pics first. 

First, you can see how Jen at The Chronicles of Home created a perfect hallway using a vintage Persian rug on top of a bold checkerboard black&white floor. PERFECTION

Or, homeandstyles.blogspot adding vintage charm and color with Marsala to a white french country kitchen!

Dining rooms are the classic space to add color like birchandbird.com did.

Love it in a bath too! Source unknown

And in kids rooms or nursery's like I found on apartmenttherapy.com BUT also in my own boys room, they got our one and only rug, as it was the perfect fit and color. 

SO this brings me back to this weeks Must Have Monday-Your Vintage Persian Rug. I have been and continue to search eBay for rugs at "better" prices. I have also learned that rug styles and colors differ from region to region, from Morocco to Turkey. After some research, I have found that I love the colors of Turkish Rugs most!! I know, what a way to limit my choices on eBay BUT remember, it's all about the hunt and to have patience. IT might take me longer to finish a space (maybe even years) but every piece in my home has a story it didn't just come out of a catalogue, and, that will make it oh so better. 
Check it out.


Feature Friday // Holiday Tablescapes

This year the Holidays came fast and strong. I wasn't able to keep up with posts because of work and family outings etc etc, but 2015 shall be better for that. Anyhoo, one thing I wanted to post, so I can have my own personal record of it (which is really what this blog is doing for me), were my tablescapes of Thanksgiving and Christmas Eve. 

This years Christmas Eve Tablescape. 
I was able to seat 14 comfortably by adding some folding tables and then covering them a SUPER large restaurant style tablecloth I found online for $9.00!
I added natural greenery in the middle and placed some pine cones, ribbon, bells and ornaments I already had stashed away. Then, I added red ribbons, that I laid across in a rows of three to add some holiday cheer. My kids usually are the ones that make the place setting name cards, this year they wanted to do cookies which I thought was cute (not necessarily cute the mess they left me in the kitchen though). Check it out.  

Heading backwards into November, I also hosted Thanksgiving. We were suppose to escape to Florida but my husbands work didn't permit, and I wasn't going to travel solo with three kids to Disney World, no way! So at the last minute we became the Thanksgiving hosts. I grew up going to a dear family friends for Thanksgiving. They were really the people that taught me the meaning of Thanksgiving and kinships. I always loved how every Thanksgiving there were familiar and NEW faces around the table. Their doors were open to those that just needed or wanted a place to be Thankful. If you really think about it, Thanksgiving isn't about family only! It's about opening your arms to those around you, new and old, and breaking bread together. Learning from the best (Deb) I opened my door to all those I knew had no family close by. I was so happy that everyone said "yes!" without hesitation. And then it happened...I had 24 people (adults and children) coming over for Thanksgiving. YIKES! but oh so exciting. I got to work immediately on table settings and realized it could be done. 
Now, don't get too excited, cause Thanksgiving morning arrived and, the phones calls started coming in. That darn Flu! People were dropping like flies. Our 24 turned to 15 guests in less than 24 hours. Even our little Lucy spent Thanksgiving Day ill, wasn't too much fun trying to cook and prep with a sick baby on my hip, but I managed. 
Turns out, Thanksgiving was a blast for those you made it and we missed those you could not. We laughed, we gave thanks, we meet new people who made us laugh and give thanks! 

Here are those pics of my Tablesscape. 

The Kiddie Table in the Kitchen

See, we all fit.


Must Have Monday // Top Gray Paint Colors

I have spent the last couple weeks in and out of paint consultations. From homeowners wanting to change up a space, staging clients getting their listings ready for the Spring market, to contractors needing color choices for new builds. One thing they all had in common was they all wanted some type of gray. Some properties were more traditional while others a little more modern but that is the best part about gray paint colors, if you pick the right one, they work in any space. These are some of my favorite Gray paint colors but please note, that doesn't mean they will look perfect in your space. Always take light, architecture, styling into consideration -- better yet, hire an expert for a color consult. wink wink.

Stone by Benjamin Moore

Oyster Shell by Benjamin Moore

Tundra by Benjamin Moore

Metro Gray by Benjamin Moore

Gray Owl By Benjamin Moore