Thursday, July 24, 2014

Antique Plate Wall Display

I have this great client. So easy and fun to work with. She bought her new home and we have been slowly making it her own. We did a big paint job on the entire home. Literally not leaving a wall untouched. The paint colors we used will be in an upcoming post so don't worry. 
Anyhoo, in her garage there was an antique secretary desk, they were not sure where it should go. She also had begun a beautiful collection of antique plates. I knew right away I wanted to put these two things together to create a focal point in her living room. This wall is also visible upon entering the home. Before jumping on it, here are a couple of inspirational pics I found. What I liked about these sources was the intentional lack of symmetry and perfection. If you know me, I try to have a little fun at my clients homes and not make it look so "staged!" 

At Home On the Bay Blog
Pure Home

Elle Decor
Real Simple Magazine
There are a couple methods to hanging plates on the wall and some big design "no-no's" in my book.

One option is to use a wall rack like this one. 

PLEASE DON'T USE THESE!! Yuckity yuck. No NO NO!

So another option are these adhesive plate disc's that come in 5 different sizes. They aren't bad and work well, but, there is no way I am attaching these adhesive disc's to my clients antique plates, many of which are of great value as they are Antique English Willow Plates 

The third option, which I prefer are the old school plate wires. Attached correctly, you know that your kids can literally run/jump around the house and they are not falling off the wall. They also do no damage to the plate and lastly, they sell them with clear attachment so basically, it is almost invisible. 

So now to my clients wall. I haven't had my "professional" pictures done yet so don't judge.  

We placed the antique secretary
I played around with possible displays on the floor

Here is the final look. Granted, imagine the inside of the secretary will get styled and space for my client to add to her collection. 

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Curb Appeal Part 1: Front Door Paint Colors

One aspect that drew me to my home was the arched entryway. I can only imagine the stories that passed through this home since 1929. Besides it's great history, can you imagine, it was installed the year of the depression! Anyhoo, besides the history, it is pure solid wood and custom built for MY home. LOVING IT!!

Luckily this door is not directly exposed to the harsh winters here or even rain. After 85 years the door is in amazing condition. I know that a previous owner did sand it down and apply a new coat of stain as well as some repairs to the screen door. Other than that, it is my arched perfection.

Here is a pic from 2012. My beautiful door and my then first graders' first day of school.

BUT, even though, I fell in love with the beauty of this door I always wanted it to have a color. If you know me, you know I love color. Yet, I have been torn for 8 years. I am very protective to original wood. Now, don't get me wrong. I do paint wood furnishings, IF, and only if after I have done my research on the piece, and learned that a paint job won't decrease its value. Then I will paint away.

But, for 8 years I have stared at my dark wood doors and dreamed about his color. Finally, I decided it was time. The dark wood doors were just not me. They don't represent who I am inside my home. I want the curb appeal to be on overall reflection of the inside too.

So paint here we come.
If you follow me on Pinterest you know that I have been researching paint colors for at least a year. You can check out my "doors" Pinterest board here.

In the mean time, here are some of my favorite colors that inspired me along the way. Can you guess my color scheme?
Elizabeth & Co
Courtesy Apartment Therapy
London Designer Amory Brown
Georgia Pond
Courtesy HGTV
Rebecca Lukens Design

Yup, turquoise front doors or blue-gray front door paint colors is the direction I am heading. 

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Client Kitchen Upgrade

I recently had the opportunity to consult on a clients kitchen re-style. She wasn't looking for a full gut of her kitchen, but more of a face-lift. Don't we all need that once in awhile?
 Her current kitchen is a two-tone cabinet design with cream cabinets, disstressed black island (which I love!!). The countertops are your typical Santa Cecilia type, builders backsplash and light fixture. 
I provided her with the following options. On a side note, she is looking to sell in five years so we couldn't go too crazy on creating a kitchen that was specific in taste. 

Well, my ultimate favorite is the third option. Keeping a two toned kitchen, as those are very "in style," and I just love the look too! Also, having the island be a stained wood countertop instead of antique brown granite while the remainder of the kitchen countertops are the new Antique Brown granite. With globe pendants above the island, drum shade chandelier for the eating area and adding personal style and pop with the items she will take with her, like coral bamboo dining chairs. 
Which do you like?