Modern American Farmhouse

Have a new client that is in the midst of building a home in the Modern American Farmhouse style. LOVE IT!!!! My dream home!! So when they asked me to help them with the interiors I was floored. I began researching and pulling my ideas together, but I also thought, lets strap on our boots and head over to our local farm. 
Yes yes, I know, it's not the exact style they are going for, but there was nothing like walking the farm and taking in the feel, smells, scenery, to get me motivated on how to reinvent an "American" style that has been around for so long.
It was also a great opportunity to mix a little family time #workandplay
Keep reading to find out what I really learned about this interior style.


Create & Cultivate Visits Chitown

This past weekend I attended the amazing Create & Cultivate conference in my backyard-Chicago. It was a day full of beauty, inspiration, motivation, networking and fun! You are never too smart or too old to stop learning and for that reason I am always attending conferences or seminars, but this one really was A MAZE ING!!
 From the first moment I walk in I new that this would be something unique and then we got to hear form Emily Greener.
The opening speaker said it best, Emily Greener of I Am That Girl, that as women we tend to be our worst enemies, to put ourselves and each other down. We are suffering from an epidemic of self doubt and if we just open up to ourselves and each other, get below the surface, discover our inner styles, we can transform all that is self doubt.
"STOP comparing our 'behind the scenes' with everyone elses' show reel."


Natural Wood Furnishings // Must Have Monday

One of the big trends in 2015 is natural wood furnishings. For a while we all stayed away from it cause it felt "outdated."  We got it engraved into our heads to associated natural wood with the 80's. Hey, yeah, I love the 80's too, I am an 80's kid. But this was just too much...
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Slipcovered Dining Chairs // Must Have Monday

I have been on the hunt for two slipcovered dining room chairs and after a week long search I have narrowed down my options. I love the idea of brining this light comfort feel into the dining room and it has become my Must Have Monday.
Check out how some inspirational pics


Feature Friday // Exterior Photos

This weeks Feature Friday are two recent Home Staging projects were some exterior changes can make a world of a difference.
This first property just needed some updating to take it out of the 80's. Can you guess what was done to update it?