Feature Friday // 1241 Richmond Wilmette

Been off the blog for a week or so. Crazy busy with Stagings, Photo Shoot Styling, Client Design Boards, and in every spare moment I have I have been DE-CLUTTERING or Spring Cleaning every inch of my home and staging inventory, it has been so cathartic. That personal post coming soon, in the mean time, I couldn't miss another Feature Friday. It was hard to pick but I thought it would be appropriate to feature a home that was listed just this morning. Great space, great home, amazing lot size and every inch of the home has been immaculately kept, for that reason, this was one of my Fine Tune Stagings with tweaks for Photo Shoot the same day.

all photography by VHT Studios


Vintage Gourd Lamps With A Touch of Brass

I have fidgeted with the lamps on my living room desk/sofa table before. Well, more so the lamp shades. I knew I wanted white gourd lamps, the original vintage type. Not the replicas for $200 I see in catalogues. While I waited patiently for the right lamps I did place replicas in its place. They were milk white gourd lamps with a burlap shades. 
Cute, they did the job, but they were replicas. 
I always had my eye out for the real deal, the pieces that inspired todays trend of gourd lamps. AND, finally I found them, on a Facebook Virtual Garage Sale Site no less. 
Here they are at the sellers home. 
I LOVE IT! It is a crackle ceramic design with brass details and a 2 inch brass base. These are also the original vintage mid 1960 shades. I thought these shades were perfect until I brought it home.

The original vintage shades are MASSIVE. Over 22 inches in height and to have two on the same space was TOO MUCH! 
The burlap shades were the right size and color but the wrong texture. They were too casual for the lamp. Also, I love to see a lamps finial if they are vintage. Why hide it. After a few lamp shade shops and then some online searching, I finally found what my vintage lamps needed. 
I am a stickler for small details and I love how the shades are the same color of the window treatments in the back family room. From this angle you can see both and everything ties together. 
 YEAH, I can now see the brass finials with these shades. 

oh, and yes, I got a new love seat, the post about that endless search in a few days. 


Must Have Monday // Blue Decor

Blue and green have always been my favorite colors and I swear blue is EVERYWHERE now. I pulled a few of my must-have blues from my spaces for this weeks must-have monday.


Upholstered Vintage Mid-Century X-benches

I am so excited for my vintage x-benches. I wrote about it a couple weeks ago. They are mid 1970's x-benches that were once re-upholstered in a green fabric. I envisioned white legs and a fun fabric that would give them another 30 years. 

Here is what they looked like before:

I know, gorgeous enough. But I needed it to be GOR-GE-OUS for me. So after many, many, many.....many hours of removing old fabric, padding, staples, and staples and more staples... I painted it, To see the joy (insert sarcasm) of reupholstering a vintage piece click here.

Well, that was the tedious part. The fun part is in the fabric. I knew I wanted something blue and I knew I wanted something fun. Even though I love that animal prints are trending, it is not a personal "must" for me, but I could NOT say no to this zebra inspired Navy Zia Birch fabric.

Anyhoo, here are my new best friends. 


Must Have Monday // Pillows

Pillows are such an easy way to update my spaces throughout the seasons. Pillows are not cheap, and if I purchase every pillow I love, I would be broke. But I have a couple secrets about my pillow obsession. 
First, I don't buy the pillow cover AND the insert. Online I will find a pillow I love for $79. What I really love about the pillow is the fabric, not the actual insert. So, first I try to find the fabric. I can almost always find the fabric and purchase an entire yard for 70% off the list price. Another amazing option, is ETSY. There are many great gals on there that have already made the pillow cover with an envelope or zipper enclosure, in my fabric of choice. AND, because it is only a cover, it is usually around 50% of the retail price. 

So, I have a small collection of "inserts." I simply unzip my pillow covers and swap out my pillows. Now, pillow inserts are not cheap either. Here are two little secret that I will share.

1. A store like Home Goods sells a ton of pillows. Sometimes, I see a soft, fluffy down insert pillow, but, with a hideous cover, BUT,  it is on sale for $7.99. Basically, it appears everyone also thought the pillow was hideous. So, for $7.99 I am basically buying the down pillow insert.  I love doing this with long lumbar pillows for the beds when I stage a property. 

2. Blowout Bedding. Love this website for staging properties. Prices are crazy low for down inserts. 

Anyhoo, this weeks Must Have Monday are pillow's I crave for my Spring updates to the home. There are all from one of my favorite pillow etsy shop, Mica Blue


Feature Friday // 2103 Washington

This was one of those easy occupied home stagings, the client had great taste and new the process. Probably why house sold in less than a week.

Photography by VHT


Feature Friday // 1800 Grace Chicago

This weeks Feature Friday is a vacant unit in a gorgeous loft style building. The unit was previous listed, and a common complaint was the lack of a dining room. Remember when dining rooms were not in fashion, well, they are back and in full swing! I love that buyers and homeowners are now into formal dining rooms. Some say it has to do with the economy, less dining out and more formal invitations with friends to dine in. Some say, homeowners are returning to their creative roots and enjoy the planning and staging of hosting. Regardless, I love that dining rooms are back and here to stay. 

Previously Listed BEFORE






Photography by VHT


Vintage Mid-century Brass Coffee Table

If you've gotten to know anything about me, is that I cannot pass up a good coffee table. 
Last Spring, I had a very sweet tender client. She now lives in Puerto Rico but was currently in Illinois to get her fathers house ready for sale. They needed to basically clear out the entire home. The moment I walked in, I fell in love with her fathers coffee table. All I said was, "YOU cannot just give this away, keep it! You will regret it if you let it go." She simply looked at me and nodded. 
Of course, their property sold in record time. Not expecting to hear from them again, one day she called, "Cecilia, I am headed back to Puerto Rico and I cannot take the coffee table with me, I would like you to have it."
My heart dropped. I promised her I would take care of it and treasure it!

Mastercraft Greek Key Brass Coffee Table with Smoked Glass (1960-1969)
The Same Coffee Table Currently Being Sold on 1stdibs
Her First Day In Her New Home

Her Evolvement With Coffee Table Styling

Her Glow At Night, lol

Her Morning Glow